Be Love (featuring Tubby Love) - Single

by Satsang



The song "Be Love" is a reminder . A reminder for us to stay in healing, to stay in patience, and to stay in love. We are living in highly volitile and crucial times. Things are making sense less and less, and public out cry for change is the highest it has been since the 1960's. We, like most people, struggle with what approach to take in these times. Our first instinct is to go to anger, and act from there. Countless ancient teachings confirm to us that anger, is from fear. So this song is the unified sound of our tribe to act in courage...and stay in love. Blessing the song with us is Tubby Love, who has been a great teacher to us. Especially in teaching to choose bold, courageous, unflinching love, in the midst of chaos.

We are teaming up with Wookiefoot and Be The Change Charities to raise funds for iRest (integrative restoration) healing/research with victims of sex trafficking in Nepal and India. The iRest movement is leading the way with PTSD healing for survivors of the sex trade. There are many efforts to prevent sex trafficking, but there is equal work that needs to be done in the field of healing people who were already victims. iRest has been proven as monumentally healing for PTSD afflicted individuals, particularly in this field. This group of people is leading the way in life restoration after experiencing the horrors of the world of sex trafficking. The safe houses that these people are working with are taking young women who have been victimized by this criminal activity. They not only provide healing, but job skills training so they can move on with their life in a safe and healthy way, with purpose. Many of these survivors end up staying to help other victims, spiraling a huge web of love and healing.

Wookiefoot and Be The Change Charities will match will match funds raised from the “Be Love" download campaign. We have set this up as a donation-based download so that you can give any amount you like. These young women are in dire need of our help, and any amount you can donate will be a huge blessing.

"...I know we can be the change."

For more info on iRest Meditation and its application in PTSD healing with sex trafficking victims. Visit the links below. There is a full webinar that you can listen to!



released June 13, 2016



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Satsang Red Lodge, montana

Satsang is a Conscious Music Collective. A mix of Folk, Rock, Soul and Hip Hop with lyrics rooted in social, personal, and spiritual growth.


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